Company culture

People over processes.
We are building an atmosphere of trust, transparency, individual growth, open communication, positive social connections, clear focus, continuous feedback, and all other aspects that drive achieving a common goal.
This mentality encourages each of us to do our best work while having a strong sense of shared purpose.
Read about all endeavors that make Barrage a workplace of the future.
Tijana tomić

Employee spotlight: Tijana Tomić

Nikolina Čurić September 20, 2021

Her all-around mindset makes Tijana Tomić, our Communications Officer, a person with many interesting professional traits. She is also a puzzle lover and if you read the blog, you'll find out if she's a bit of a puzzle herself.

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Employee spotlight: Ivan Kovačić

Employee spotlight: Ivan Kovačić

Nikolina Čurić August 18, 2021

Did someone say ‘roasted lamb’? Those words would definitely draw the attention of Ivan Kovačić, our Backend Software Engineer, who, besides lamb, also has quite an endless appetite for knowledge.

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Barrage Hero - Ivan Pištingli

Employee spotlight: Ivan Pištingli

Nikolina Čurić July 23, 2021

Ivan Pištingli, one of the heroes in our Customer Relations department, is never afraid of trying new things. Curious by nature, he has a quick fix for every situation.

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Stefani Majić

Employee spotlight: Stefani Majić

Larisa Šomođi June 23, 2021

Meet Stefani Majić, our Software Development Engineer. With her keen eye for detail and her commitment to every project running smoothly, she is an essential member of our team.

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Frontend Developer, Alex Dragun

Employee spotlight: Alex Dragun

Larisa Šomođi May 19, 2021

Meet Alex Dragun, our motivated Frontend Software Engineer. Dedicated to work and interested in continuous learning of different skills, Alex is an excellent example of the values we nurture in our company.

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Employee spotlight: Dominik Fačko

Larisa Šomođi April 20, 2021

It's time to turn the spotlight on Dominik Fačko, our Backend Software Engineer Intern. Motivated by new challenges and good teamwork Dominik is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of our team.

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Employee Spotlight: Nikola Matosevic - Thumbnail

Employee spotlight: Nikola Matošević

Jelena Strišković August 16, 2020

Meet Nikola Matošević, one of the heroes of our design team. His superpower lies in the fact that he can take any idea and make it beautiful using his exceptional design skills.

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