Data Center Development

Data center development

Build easily maintainable, energy-saving data computing center that will improve the efficiency of your enterprise.

Our data center reliability experts will help you reduce energy costs and error scenarios to a minimum.

Optimize your resourcesGroup
On-demand cloud computing


Our optimized, easily maintainable, energy-efficient data processing (computing) centers (MPDPC) are delivered using the turnkey principle to create a decentralized infrastructure for on-demand cloud computing purposes for our clients around the world. We recognize this as a foundation as equally crucial as electrical or transportation infrastructure.


We encompass all of the services and facility-related components and activities that support implementing, maintaining, operating, and enhancing a data center. Aiming to exceed industry standards in developing an adequate well-tuned facility from scratch, we focus on performance, automatization, and minimizing the cost of auxiliaries to its bare minimum.


Our engineers are spread worldwide, taking measures to meet customers’ needs. Complying with the timeline and budget expectations is our primary dedication. There is a mutual synergy between the research and development department (RnDd), where our team lead engineers have very close communication with RnD team members.

Cross-functional teamwork focused on creating value

We moderate a technical conversation among clients and partners on easy practical examples utilizing understandable test case scenarios. Improvements in existing infrastructure and planning for future upgrades are always a part of our planning.

We can improve the data center’s efficiency by optimizing airflow management, heat dissipation, and hardware processing capabilities.

Processing data is only one step in a complex system of data distribution. By improving ISP connectivity, latency, and on-site load balancing, our system operations team improves overall processing performance and data center efficiency.




Clients’ satisfaction as an ultimate success metrics

Our scalable team can meet customer expectations of 5 MW blockchain-oriented computing facility installation per week with precise planning.

These numbers speak for themselves, and we believe they are industry-leading figures. As for integrity, we push ourselves to the limits to deliver each installation with excellence above industry standards.

Our flagship built in Sweden met industry standards and quality assurance, while the team successfully integrated with the community.

Adaptability to new enviroments is our competitive advantage

Occasional challenges in the data center operation and maintenance are are tied both to our team's dynamics and our client's needs. Therefore, we carefully design and improve our business processes to mitigate critical events.

Despite that, critical events do happen due to unpredictable obstacles. Luckily, ongoing process risk management, on-the-spot decision making, and problem-solving are among our team strengths.

We deal with local regulations, unforeseen technical difficulties, or any other type of challenges that arise. We recalculate, refocus, and rethink, and in the end, reinvent the plan, and redirect the project.

Focus and goals

Data Center Facility

Creating future-ready data center strategies

Data center engineering and infrastructure development have a vital role in real sector integration. Since our industry is high-speed and full of surprises and challenges, our experts are prone to observation and always keep their eyes opened.

Meeting customers' needs, timeline, and budget expectation is a part of our business strategy. Design, development plan, supply chain, subcontractor management, logistics, installation, and data center commissioning enables us to control the process through each phase and complete our services with excellence.

Scenario-based data center management, combined with a vast palette of specialized hardware experience, enables us to mitigate technical and operational issues.

Data Center Engineer Checking Communication Rack

Are your ready for a digital transformation?

Principle-driven and goal-oriented, we deliver the best performance and continuous improvements. Our employee education is aligned with LLL principles, and we invest in the knowledge curve by actively working on knowledge distribution in a controlled environment.

Investing our software development resources in data center monitoring software, automatization, and firmware optimization significantly increases data center cost to performance ratio.

With team capacity management, our site reliability engineer ensures uptime and hardware longevity.

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