Young man working on a tablet in a tech company

Key elements of digital transformation

Tomislav Turniški October 14, 2021

Having in mind the customers’ ever-growing appetites and the fast-paced development of technology, digital transformation is an inevitable process on the road to achieving a competitive advantage.

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Matej Lazarević

NFTs explained through a practical example: StealthNodes

Matej Lazarević October 06, 2021

Who remembers the CryptoKitties, the game that enticed people to invest millions and pioneered the NFT? Since then, the marketplace has boomed, allowing diversity in form and application.

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UI/UX desginer, Ana

How to choose a brand identity design agency?

Dunja Leko September 28, 2021

Since brand identity is the face of your brand, you shouldn’t leave its creation just to anybody.

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Tijana tomić

Employee spotlight: Tijana Tomić

Nikolina Čurić September 20, 2021

Her all-around mindset makes Tijana Tomić, our Communications Officer, a person with many interesting professional traits. She is also a puzzle lover and if you read the blog, you'll find out if she's a bit of a puzzle herself.

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CX vs UX. Woman using tablet

What is the difference between customer experience and user experience

Jelena Jagodin August 31, 2021

Even though UX and CX have the same mission - improving experience - the way they achieve it is different.

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Employee spotlight: Ivan Kovačić

Employee spotlight: Ivan Kovačić

Nikolina Čurić August 18, 2021

Did someone say ‘roasted lamb’? Those words would definitely draw the attention of Ivan Kovačić, our Backend Software Engineer, who, besides lamb, also has quite an endless appetite for knowledge.

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Woman working on the notebook

Off-the-shelf software vs custom software: when to choose which

Ivona Todorovska August 12, 2021

Off-the-shelf software or custom software, that is the question: whether it is wiser to accept the flaws of one, or to take a chance on the other - you will learn more in this article. 

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SysOps engineer on the disaster recovery site

How to build a cost-effective Kubernetes disaster recovery plan

Davorin Bosanac July 30, 2021

Unpredictable events are inevitable, but it’s how a business prepares for the unexpected that makes successful companies stand out.

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Miran Hrupački

Async/await operations - a new way of writing asynchronous code

Miran Hrupački July 28, 2021

Learn about one of the biggest announcements of WWDC 2021 Apple presented a few weeks back - async/await operations.

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Barrage Hero - Ivan Pištingli

Employee spotlight: Ivan Pištingli

Nikolina Čurić July 23, 2021

Ivan Pištingli, one of the heroes in our Customer Relations department, is never afraid of trying new things. Curious by nature, he has a quick fix for every situation.

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Stefani Majić

Employee spotlight: Stefani Majić

Larisa Šomođi June 23, 2021

Meet Stefani Majić, our Software Development Engineer. With her keen eye for detail and her commitment to every project running smoothly, she is an essential member of our team.

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Antonio Jurlina - How to build a killer customer service team in 7 steps

How to build a killer customer service team in 7 steps

Antonio Jurlina June 17, 2021

If you've ever wondered what customers really want and how to form a team that will successfully meet all their expectations, this is the blog for you.

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Yew framework developer

You do Yew: Rust frontend framework that compiles into WebAssembly

Robert Sudec May 28, 2021

Yew is a frontend framework for the Rust programming language. Building UI is easy with this component-based framework - check out this quick app walkthrough to see just why it’s so popular.

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Frontend Developer, Alex Dragun

Employee spotlight: Alex Dragun

Larisa Šomođi May 19, 2021

Meet Alex Dragun, our motivated Frontend Software Engineer. Dedicated to work and interested in continuous learning of different skills, Alex is an excellent example of the values we nurture in our company.

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Rust Programming Language logo

Rust programming language: what is it & how to learn it?

Dominik Fačko May 06, 2021

If you seek stability and swiftness in your programming language, you should probably consider Rust. But is Rust the right tool for your project?

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Barrage and Pangea logos - Aggregation page

We are in the top 7% at Pangea

Sandra Hlupić April 27, 2021

We are happy to be a part of an elite software community, the one that is putting great efforts to "create a universe committed to unparalleled transparency."

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Employee spotlight: Dominik Fačko

Larisa Šomođi April 20, 2021

It's time to turn the spotlight on Dominik Fačko, our Backend Software Engineer Intern. Motivated by new challenges and good teamwork Dominik is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of our team.

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Top 8 SASS mixins blog aggregation image. Front-end developer working on the computer

Top 8 SASS mixins to speed up your frontend development process

Alex Dragun April 06, 2021

Mixins allow you to make groups of CSS declarations that you want to reuse throughout your site. Here are top 8 we use in our development process.

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Phishing attacks & how to prevent them

What is a phishing attack and how to identify it - the definite guide

Matej Lazarević February 08, 2021

In this article, we will lay out the basics that will help you spot the malicious email in your Inbox.

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Hardware security with digital key

Step by step guide on how to set up Yubikey with GPG subkeys

Ivan Kovačić January 16, 2021

Up next is a simple and straightforward guide on generating GPG keys via your machine and transferring them to the security dongle YubiKey 4.

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