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Quality products are built through the application of good technology and even better technical skills. Problem-solving, value-maximizing, efficiency, innovation, security, and risk management depend on it.
And one way to master the skill is to show how a particular problem was solved and get useful feedback.
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Top 8 Sass Mixins to Speed up Your Frontend Development Process

Alex Dragun April 06, 2021

Mixins allow you to make groups of CSS declarations that you want to reuse throughout your site. Here are top 8 we use in our development process.

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Hardware security with digital key

Step by step guide on how to set up Yubikey with GPG subkeys

Ivan Kovačić January 16, 2021

Up next is a simple and straightforward guide on generating GPG keys via your machine and transferring them to the security dongle YubiKey 4.

Reading Time 15 min

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Phishing attacks & how to prevent them

What is a phishing attack and how to identify it - the definite guide

Matej Lazarević February 08, 2021

In this article, we will lay out the basics that will help you spot the malicious email in your Inbox.

Reading Time 6 min

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